956 SW 82 Avenue
Miami, FL 33144
Ph: 305.264.1344
Fx: 305.264.1343

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Welcome to AMS Medical & Rehabilitation Center
  • Have you been injured in an automobile accident?
  • Injured on the job?
  • Slipped? Fallen?
  • Do you suffer from a disabling condition such as neck and low-back pain,arthritis,or fractures?

  • We can help you! Call us for an appointment TODAY!

    At AMS Medical & Rehabilitation Center we offer pain management, massage therapy, rehab, chiropractic, weight management, and varicose veins treatment in our facility. Our Chiropractor and Physical Therapy Rehab Specialists are fully trained and professionally certified. We are very experienced in helping with chronic pain, acute traumatic whiplash injuries, sprains, strains and all other orthopedic injuries. Most insurance is accepted and payment plans are available.

Open daily from 9AM to 6PM

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